CX Rim Pro - Belgianwerkx Signature Wheel Collection


Belgianwerkx Race Ready Bundle: Buy any wheelset + two FMB tires and we'll glue them up for free.

For the last few years we have tossed around the idea of creating a web-store for hand-built cyclocross tubular wheels. With the new availability of rims and quality hubs, we are launching the Belgianwerkx Signature Wheel Collection. The rims feature wider profile increases surface area for gluing tires.


Weight: 1550 grams

Spoke count: 28/28

Spokes: Double Butted Wheelsmith Black

Nipples: DT Swiss

Hub: DT Swiss Star-Ratchet Mechanism

Rim: HED Belgium

Freehub Body: Shimano 11 Speed as standard (fits 9 and 10 speed cassettes with included spacer)

Wheelsets are custom-built on a per-order basis. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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